Saturday, April 21, 2012

Naming the House

So my husband and I have been searching for a name for our new cottage.  I had originally thought Hale Maluhia was a good name.  It means house of peace.  Unfortunately, there is already a house on the big island that bears the name, and so we needed to turn our attention and imagination to another option.  The house will be on Pualani Road, and in Hawaiian, "pualani" means heavenly flower.  I am thinking about Heavenly Flower Cottage, but we need to sit with it for awhile before we decide.  Like a baby, you only get one shot at naming the house.  The other option is "kakahiaka cottage" because the windows we have for the front door depict Mucha's depiction of daylight.  Kakahiaka means "day" in Hawaiian. 

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