Friday, April 6, 2012

Guest House Ideas

Because we anticipate becoming very popular when we move, we are planning to build a small guest space on the back of the garage.  This will be a one bedroom, one bath studio-like apartment.  Here are some ideas for small spaces.

Here is the floorplan we are considering for the guest house that we will build on the back side of the garage.  The CC & R's require that a garage apartment above the garage cannot exceed 60% of the space, which would make it too small--unless we built a massive garage.  We do not need a massive garage to hold a truck and a beater beach mobile. 

We are, however, going to reverse the plan so that the porch is next to the house.  It's also good to build it as a one story so that my parents don't have to climb stairs to stay with us.  Just enough for guests to have privacy so that they will stay for a nice visit without feeling like they are intruding.  Those of you who are invited know who you are! 

Here is another flooplan we are considering.  The local hardware supplier has a kit for this house, which saves costs and complications.  I think it's great!  Nice little porch and a good living space for guests or for my parents. 

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