Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dream Kitchen

I love to cook, and I dream about my new kitchen and what I want it to have.  I hope to have a white cabinets, granite, steel appliances, and bamboo floors--classic and clean.  Here are some pictures that capture some of what I hope we can achieve. 

I love the farm sink and the french casement windows too!

I love the color of this tile.  It reminds me of my favorite beach at Kua Bay. I would love to find something in this color family and use it in the bathroom and in the kitchen. 

And I love this as an idea for a kitchen island--not to matchy matchy.  I am a big fan of traditional style, but I like the idea of mixing this with more industrial lighting to give it an edge.  It's tough to find antiques in Hawaii.  I might have to find something on the mainland and ship it!

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  1. Hi Laura, I found your blog by accident when I was searching for house plans. We are living pretty much the same dream. We purchased a home on the other side of the Big Island and rented it as a vacation rental for 4 years and then decided to build right on the ocean so we sold our little house for a lot :-) We are looking to retire there in the next few years. We're collecting all kinds of ideas for building our dream home. Anyway, I'd LOVE to talk! I don't feel comfortable leaving my number here so I will put in a link to my FB business page and you can message me there if you get this and would like to connect to a kindred spirit. Aloha! Janice